flip banniereflip banniere


This evening may be our last show together so you can be certain it will be a special evening to remember. In fact, it might not unfold exactly as planned. This evening, we will be performing everything we have adored doing together, but we will also be performing never before seen numbers. We hope you […]

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Arturo banniere2Arturo banniere2


Arturo Brachetti, the great international maestro of quick change is back with his new long- awaited One Man Show. This surreal, acrobatic variety show includes magic, illusions, lights, and lasers. With his amazing talent this great Italian artist brings more than fifty characters to life on stage. The title chosen, SOLO says it all. This […]

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photo de haut de pagephoto de haut de page


Inner Landscapes is a poetry odyssey for seven actors and dancers. They travel across Philippe Genty’s memories and dreams: they fly, speak with giant flowers, hatch from a shifting ground, dance with a moon. There will be a strange siren, houses burning, characters that appear and disappear.

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“We exist despite the sober formality of great concert halls, despite the boredom of classical musicians’ life, despite fanatic lovers of classical music, despite fans of rock, rap or pop who are afraid of classical music. We treat our Muse with a humorous irony and we’re sure, she will have nothing against it!” MozART group […]

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A delirious show rallying all the audiences, from beginner to the erudite music lover…

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Musicality, imagination, humor, unpredictable ideas and actor’s talent are ingredients of their success …

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An homage to film noir, full of delirious black humor situations, theatrical inventive and the usual mime code brand of the company.

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Beautiful shows must never stop divert

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The ambition of Encore Un Tour is to offer shows that you'll enjoy as we love them. Generous and unique performances, family and universal, from all walks of life, which always affect us by their deep humanity. Shows of the world that, with you, will still divert.

Pierre Michelin



Le catalogue Encore Un Tour est à l’image de la diversité du spectacle vivant : Cirque, Arts Visuels, Humour, Musiques… Pas d’exclusive de genre dans nos choix, nos seuls critères sont la qualité et l’universalité. Des spectacles du monde qui parlent à tous les âges et à toutes les cultures…



Encore Un Tour is also a broadcasting structure for foreign companies wishing to develop on the French market but also internationally. Depending on the projects and its expertise, Encore Un Tour works both on the network of subsidized theaters and with local promoters on the private sector.



Encore Un Tour is a Label of the My Show Must Go On Company, a production structure created in 2011 and whose original activity was the crowdfunding of live shows. Since 2012, the “traditional” production activity has taken precedence over the web activity, with 3 main areas of development: The booking / broadcasting service for third-party producers. Executive production and touring. The development and production of a catalog of artists and exclusive shows.