Alex Vizorek is a Piece of Art


- If Nana Mouskouri and Hugh Grant had a child by reading and listening to Robert Bach, it would be the result – 

The phenomenon of Belgian humor takes you to a flamboyant universe where Magritte, Ravel, Bergman, Visconti and Bergson come alongside Pamela Anderson, Luis Fernandez and Paris Hilton. Art is like politics; it is not because you knows nothing in this domain you can’t talk about it. And Alex Vizorek has something to say about Music, Sculpture, Cinema or even Art Moderne.

His mission is to make you laugh while learning. Unless it is not the opposite.

The young Belgian is funny not only on stage. Parallel to his show, Alex Vizorek is on the air with Charline Vanhoenacker and their popular show “If you listen I cancel everything” on France Inter.

 Now it is your turn to cancel everything and run to Vizorek’s show!




Alex Vizorek is a Piece of Art