The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra interprets Fantasia

“Fantasia, to me is a whole new opportunity. For my  medium it opens up unlimited possibilities.”
Walt Disney

The 50 musicians of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra will bring to life the famous cartoon Fantasia on big screen and in HD for all to enjoy. The 3rd cartoon of Walt Disney is undoubtedly the showpiece of all his work. It’s the most ambitious masterpiece - and more discussed - of all the films of the Father of MickeyThis film is a remarkably ambitious experiment with no dialogue, extraordinary characters and spectaculary colors. Fantasia is a cartoon with an incredible destiny composed of eight pieces of classic music :“Toccata”, “Nutcracker Suite “, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, “Rite of Spring”, “The Pastoral Symphony”, “Dance of the Hours” & “Night on Bald Mountain”.  Walt Disney wanted to reconcile the young generation with the classical musicToday it became a cult film

The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (also known as the City of Prague Philharmonic) developed in the 1990s into the most requested recording orchestra in Europe. The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra records more than 200 sessions per year, which include film music for producers from around the globe; classical music for Decca, EMI, Sony BMG and other labels; as well as music for commercials. Georg Solti and Yehudi Menuhin are amongst the most renown conductors who have worked with the orchestra; and Soil Gabetta, Jonas Kaufmann and Savatore Licitra are just a few of the famous soloists who have recorded CDs with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.With Friedemann Riehle conducting, the orchestra’s annual New Year’s Concert has become a highlight of Prague’s live classical music scene. Its outstanding quality, in addition to proven ease in arranging contracts, continues bringing success to the orchestra.

 Reprenant le flambeau du philarmonique de Philadelphie qui avait donné vie à l’époque aux musiques de Fantasia, le philarmonique de Prague rend hommage à l’homme de génie qu’était Walt Disney. Petits et grands auront ainsi le privilège de (re)découvrir les grands airs de la musique classique et les séquences si célèbres du dessin animé tel que Mickey Mouse en Apprenti Sorcier, doublé par son propre créateur dans la version originale.

Disponible en novembre et décembre 2015

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