Six friends who had not seen each other for ten years met up in the cottage of their childhood to spend the weekend. Everybody is here. Everyone happily rediscover his quiet corner of paradise. This shared moment is an opportunity to contrast their different personalities and rekindle their touching complicity. The desire to play is intact. Together they become vivid bursts of fire ready to shine. The emotion and the joy of the reunion swing quickly at the feelings and prowess explosion across all disciplines of circus juggling, diabolo, acrobatics, trampoline, Cyr wheel … Spectacular and invigorating!
Flip factory is a young troupe founded by a group of friends who are professional circus artists from Quebec. Their shared dream is to create circus shows that reflect their unique image, draw from their personal experiences and unleash each member’s full potential.

“Catch me” is a story of the reunion of a group of friends. “It could be our history, says Bruno Gagnon, but in the room, these are high school friends who meet each other in a cottage after 10 years of separation.

The show’s title is a reference to this band of friends’ friendship. “It’s a way to say that we are there for each other. At the same time, as it is an acrobatic show, we really fall and catch. There are several group numbers, including banquine, so it’s also a reference to these acrobatic feats. ”


Photo crédit : Mark Gavin, Richard Davenport, Stéphane Thabouret and Benoit Galliez

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