Grandsmilers is the new project by Fair Play Crew, who have toured Europe and Asia with great success and are responsible for a large number of international
projects including the world’s biggest educational dance camp. With over 20 years of experience in the world of dance, hip-hop, choreography and acting the three
members of the group present their new creation. There is this very special sense of abstract humor, undeniable stage talent, a meticulous choreography
and the endless pool of ideas, which all together lead to an interactive entertainment experience.

This very special way of coping with the longing for the “good, old days” is visual theater at its best, that draws inspiration from storytelling,
hip-hop, dance, mime, sporting versatility and does it with an authentic, natural ease. Being a bike, threesome? Or a drum set? With pleasure.

In this show Cezary, Marcin and Wojtek take us to a future where, aged, they remember with mischief the past, and their crazy adventures.
In these flashbacks, the now elderly gentlemen inspire us with communicative energy and show us the happiness of a single moment – with
something that needs to be preserved and cared for. A delirious and wordless gestural comedy that will delight the entire family!


Directeur : Wojciech Blaszko
Interprètes : Wojciech Blacha Blaszko, Cezary Krukowski, Marcin Rogalski
Chorégraphie : Marcin Rogalski
Musique : Cezary Krukowski
Texte : Adam Chrabin Tertis
Costumes et accessoires : Bialostocki Teatr Lalek

Durée : 1h15
Genre : Humour/Danse/Théâtre Visuel
Nationalité : Poland

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