Witness heart-stopping illusions, mind-bending manoeuvres, breathtaking
dance moves and thrilling live music from a coterie of highly skilled
international performers. A summer celebration of otherworldly 
proportions, welcome to the greatest party ever between heaven and hell.

A spectacular new production from the creative producers of hit 2012 show Cantina, LIMBO received rave reviews and awards during its sell-out run at the Adelaide Festival, and wowed audiences during its five-month season at the London Wonderground Festival at Southbank Centre.
LIMBO is dirty and dangerous circus cabaret, whisking audiences into a sinister netherworld of jaw-dropping contortion, gut-churning aerial acrobatics, nail-biting stunts and staggering illusions.
“Limbo, a show that has nothing to do with limbo-dancing and everything to do with a dream-world whose freakish inhabitants seem caught between ecstasy and damnation, blazes with skill, daring and devil-may-care. It puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step. This is a succession of international artistes doing things you either can’t or wouldn’t want to do – on a stage only 3.6m in diameter. Beautifully lit, the bohemian carnival is announced by police-siren wail from a klaxon held aloft by a white-suited, grey-bearded dude in shades – New York’s Sxip Shirey – who unleashes, with musical support at the rear, a soundscape that pushes the envelope in terms of strange noise as surely as his fellow performers push past ordinary mortal physical limits.”  Daily Telegraph

SIGNATURE_KERMEZZOO Diffusion en accord avec Kermezzoo

PRODUCED BY : Strut & Fret Production House, Underbelly Productions & Southbank Centre


Director : Scott Maidment

Composer and musical director : Sxip Shirey

Designer décor original et lumière : Philip Gladwell

Consultant illusion : Paul Kieve

Chorégraphe : Hilton Denis

Costume Designer : Zoë Rouse

Manager  : Joshua Sherrin

With : Danik Abishev, Evelyne Allard, Grand Arthur, Mikael Bres, Hilton Denis, Heather Holliday, Jonathan Nosan, Sxip Shirey, Mick Stuart

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