Mourad Merzouki is once again breaking new codes by creating a dialogue between hip hop dance and the viola da gamba.

This piece, presented for the first time to the public during the Ambronay Festival in september 2022, once again breaks the codes between musicians and dancers.

Phénix was born from an unexpected and singular encounter between the viola da gamba and dance, where four dancers dialogue with this string instrument that was very popular in the 17th century. On stage, the artists also perform with additional electro music by Arandel to reinforce the power of this unexpected association.

Pursuing my approach of opening up and confronting aesthetics, I wanted to bring together disciplines that everything opposes, to create a light and singular form. In an intimate atmosphere, the artists cross their universes to present an original piece, sublimated by their alchemy!



Artistic Direction & Choregraphy : Mourad Merzouki
Assisted by : Kader Belmoktar
Music Live : Lucile Boulanger (or Garance Boizot or Salomé Gasselin)
With : Mathilde Devoghel, Aymen Fikri, Hatim Laamarti, Pauline Journé
Additional music : Arandel
Lighting Design : Yoann Tivaoli

Duration : 60 mins
Genre : Music and Dance
Coproducers : Encore Un Tour, Pôle en Scènes, Festival d’Ambronay
With the support of : Centre National de la Musique


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