The 15 musicians of the Naruto Orchestra will perform live the greatest tunes of the anime during the projection on screen of a new montage of the first 220 episodes in the original version with French subtitles. For more than two hours, live an unforgettable experience by following the exciting stories of Naruto in the heart of the hidden village of Konoha!

Published in France in 2002, the 72-volume manga has sold more than 250 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling comic books.

The animated version, broadcast on TV channels around the world, is just as popular as the derivative products, video games, films and DVDs, which have sold hundreds of millions of copies.
Its creator, Masashi KISHIMOTO, draws his inspiration from influences as diverse as Shinto legends and myths, Kabuki theater or even fiction such as Dragon Ball or Matrix.
As in Star Wars, KISHIMOTO develops a “concept of force” that captivates the young audience. And very quickly, the story of this teenage ninja apprentice captivates crowds of young readers and spectators
and spectators, fascinated by the spiritual strength that the character develops by putting it at the service of various combat techniques.

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