After being ridiculously rejected at a failed audition, four saxophone virtuosos met for the first time: the falsely serious classical tenor, the voluble alto saxophonist, the cool baritone jazzman and the clown soprano saxophonist.

Against all odds, a complicity develops and soon gives life to a musical journey in which everyone reveals himself with his differences, his dreams and his fantasies. But suddenly it goes off the rails …

Each one delivers his inner song and the music acrobats then one by one do the show! Drifting, the saltinbanques blend in various tones where funk meet classical music, gypsy melodies confront Brazilian bossa, African singing shakes the Armenian duduk, meanwhile Bruno Mars goes head to head with Charlie Mingus …

Unison is strength!

With a crazy sense of humor and an impeccable technique, Les DéSAXés have invented a genre. Rigorous like classical music and wild like music hall. With an inventive staging, they make an atypical quartet, as crazy as virtuoso!


Artists: Michel Oberli (saxo tenor), Guy Rebreyend (saxo soprano), Frédéric Saumagne (saxo baryton), Samuel Maingaud (saxo alto)
Scenic Design: Gil Galliot
Lighting Design: Stéphane Vélard
Costumes: Claire Djemah
Choreographie: Aurore Stauder
Decors: Pierre Lenczner et Denis Breault

Duration: 1:30
Genre : Musical Humor
Nationality: France
Audience Suitability: +7 years old


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