By The Bird Singers

The four artists thus present a new way to approach great works of classical music. The experience is no longer the same and auditory perception is different.

This show honours the undeniable link which exists between music and birdsong since the dawn of time. Throughout this album, the bird perches on the thread of the music, its wings flutter between the notes, and its singing sparkles with poetic harmonies.

An indescribable relationship fundamentally binds music to nature. And this complicity has been evoked throughout the history of musical composition : from Rameau to Beethoven, from Casals to Stravinsky, from Mozart to Tchaikovsky . . .

This Bird Symphony must be approached as an ode to universal listening, uniting art and nature in order to bring us back to the origin of the world. It is in this spirit that the two musicians, Shani Diluka and Genevieve Laurenceau, attribute all the necessary space to the birdsongs of Jean Boucault and Johnny Rasse with a programme halfway between the real and the imaginary, between the written work and improvisation.

The Bird Symphony has been conceived in order to pay tribute to birds, those virtuoso beings, incessant travellers, searching for revival at the whim of the seasons, who so inspire musicians. Nature is a founding element of music since it certainly gives breath to man’s desire for rhythm and song. It is thus natural that music phrased by birdsongs rekindles deep and primitive emotions.


Bird Singers: Johnny Rasse and Jean Boucault
Violin: Geneviève Laurenceau
Piano: Shani Diluka

Duration: 1:00
Genre: Musical Humor
Nationality: France

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