YLLANA & TÖTHEM Company present:

Trash! is an energetic show about the possibilities of recycling through percussion, movement and humor.

It takes place in a garbage recycling center, where four creative workers give a new life to all kind of waste, showing the audience the excess of consumerism in our society.

Buttane bottles, umbrellas, balls, tool boxes, horns, junk bags… These guys will turn everything into colorful musical sketches full of wit and humor.

Watch out! Their crazy talent is really contagious.

A family show, a show for everyone.


Production: Töthem Company & Yllana
Direction: Yllana
Artistic Direction: David Ottone
Assistant Director: Jony Elías
Artists: Bruno Alves, Frank Mark, Gorka González, Miguel Ángel Pareja, Felipe Dueñas
Scenography and Costumes: Tatiana De Sarabia
Music: Töthem Company

Duration: 1:20
Nationality: Spain


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