The show is performed by six dancers: The TUTU men, polymorphous artists who struggle with many different interpretations, faces and styles.
They want to entirely feel the freedom and universality of dance. With them, laughter becomes poetic, theatre emerges on stage and things come to life.

Successively classical, contemporary, ballroom, sport, academic or acrobatic, the dance of the TUTU men is versatile, atypical, irreverent, gentle, fun and always artistic.
TUTU shows dance in all its glory.

“TUTU is a brilliantly universal show – wacky, colourful and educational for children whilst still being hugely entertaining and hilarious for adults.”

- ***** BroadwayBaby -

“Less than a minute in, the laughter begins[…]. Because being funny isn’t the sole pursuit here […],

there are moments of true beauty.”

- **** The Scotsman -

“[…] Dance becomes comedy, theatre, parody and beauty, all at once.”

- **** Edinburgh Festivals Magazine “

“With its unashamedly highbrow references, poker faced surrealism and big crowd-pleasing style, Lafeuille and the Chicos have created something quite special.”

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