Momentum is a meditation on time. It explores the human compulsion to orchestrate and synchronize our routines and movements to the ticking demands of the clock. We become slaves to our own invention, allowing the rigidity of seconds, minutes and hours to structure our lives. But our true nature exists on a different rhythm. Momentum takes the audience on a journey to rediscover what that rhythm is.

Featuring original songs and music, precisely-timed choreography, synchronized movement and percussive performances on innovative instruments, live video and cutting-edge technology, Momentum brings into focus the moments when we move in and out of time. Momentum is a celebration of the fluidity and elasticity of time. In these moments, we become more attuned to the true synchronicity that connects our lives, and we hear the harmony in our hearts’ songs

Momentum was created by Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman with additional Artistic Consultants: Ido Kagan (Mayumana), Giuliano Peparini (Franco Dragone Company) and David Ottone (Yllana Theater from Spain).

Momentum is Mayumana’s 6th creation. It premiered in Madrid in 2008 and has been performed extensively around the world ever since.

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