Encore Un Tour EN

Encore Un Tour

The ambition of Encore Un Tour is to offer you shows that you will like as we like them. Generous and singular shows, family and universal, from all walks of life, which always touch us with their deep humanity. World shows that, with you, will take another tour.


Encore Un Tour EN


Broadcast and Production of Shows: Folia, Karim Duval, The Opera Locos, Mozart Group, the FLIP Fabrique circus, Alex Vizorek, Warren Zavatta, Castafiore System, Nocturnal Souls… We look forward to seeing you in 2024 on tour but also in Paris with Trash!, Black Legends, The Opera Locos, Little Rock Story, Karim Duval, the Fo’plafonds and the Bac Philo of the comedians. And in Avignon with Karim Duval-Entropie and Madame Fraize! Find all our shows on display and on tour on our website www.encoreuntour.com #spectacle #paris #tournee #humourmusical #musical #theatrevisuel #theatre #seulenscene #danse #cirque

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