On stage, a mysterious structure is suspending like a floating island between sky and earth. The Performer Valérie Doucet measure herself, immense and vulnerable in the same time, in a succession of fascinating scenic landscape where spread out brute energy of bodies pushed to its extreme limits. How catch these precious instants of freedom and of outcome, where the body defenseless is lead in his last entrenchments ? An ode to the power of life, to its precariousness and to its immoderation, support by two exceptional circus artists .

The director Benoit Landry place forward dramaturgy of climates, allying with daring the work of the body and the scenic image. Surrounded with remarkable creator, whose Alexis Bowles to the lighting (Compagnia Finzi Pasca, Éloize Circus), he signs the music of the show in collaboration with Colin Gagné (Les 7 Doigts). Tightrope walker, contortionist and acrobat of a singular charisma, Valérie Doucet has worked with renowned companies (Yohan Bourgeois, James Thierrée, Circa, Éloize Circus). With the complicity of the acrobat Julius Bitterling, she delivers a gripping performance, to the frontier of circus, of dance and of physique theatre.

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