Choreographed scenes, sound installations, visual compositions… The Système Castafiore company explores the phantasmagoria of our dreams in a completely immersive experience.

Marcia Barcellos and Karl Biscuit founded the Système Castafiore company in 1990, focusing on setting the creative forces of dance, music and fine art against one another. For the first time at Les Célestins, the choreographer and composer/director present their newest creation: Anthologie du cauchemar, an anthology of sketches which explore the strangeness of our dreams, as well as the ways they are interpreted. As is always the case with work from this pair, we find ourselves transported into the playful fantasy of a surreal, madcap world. A world which, through cinematography and theatrical techniques, aims to entertain whilst putting the world to rights. Chimerical figures, creatures which are half animal, half plant, fantastical apparitions which may haunt our dreams at night, but also during the day… Anthology Of Nightmare plays with reality and illusion. Just like those dreams which, on the cusp of sleep, take on a semblance of reality.

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