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Arturo Brachetti, the great international maestro of quick change is back with his new long- awaited One Man Show.
This surreal, acrobatic variety show includes magic, illusions, lights, and lasers. With his amazing talent this great Italian artist brings more than fifty characters to life on stage.

The title chosen, SOLO says it all. This exceptional performer is the sole star of a show which audiences have been eagerly looking forward to for such a long time.

Brachetti makes use of a miniature house to share his fantasies and dreams. This represents that box of memories each one of us has hidden away in some cupboard, in our heads, or in our hearts.

The world of SOLO is a mix of fantasy and reality, interwoven and mingled in an original way on the stage: thanks to the use of sophisticated cinematographic techniques and video-mapping, the little house takes on a new dimension and Brachetti creates a clever combination of real theatre with real sets and video with special effects. In this way the audience can literally enter into his house, getting an up-close and personal insight into Arturo’s little world.

The house and the objects in it set the stage for Brachetti to transform himself into all the characters in his imagination, in a sequence of skits that leaves the audience breathless. From a homage to great magicians, such as Merlin, Mandrake and Houdini he switches to a book of fairy tales so he can bring to the stage Little Red Riding Hood, Frozen, Shrek, Snow White and many more; the story of human life viewed with a culinary slant sees the artist transform himself into a new born baby, young boy, adult and old man; an old hat can become 25 different characters; an imaginary wedding: he brings to the same scene the bride, the groom, the priest and the old mother-in-law, the cook with the cake, the waitress and even the photographer, obviously all played by Brachetti. And so he continues thanks to an mp3 player another series of amazing quick-changes dedicated to pop music icons: Madonna, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury, Pavarotti and more still, who come to life in front of the audience’s eyes. And then there is the Brachetti-mime artist and sculptor of images with the illusions of Chinese shadows and then the representation of the four seasons (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer) in Arturo’s unique style, which introduces the finale. Here there is a laser ray battle, half

way between Matrix and Star Wars which culminates with an amazing flight on the stage. But at the end everything becomes sand: indeed it is the sand painting that traces back the whole show and all its fantasy.

The finale is thrilling. Enveloped in a whirlwind of papers, words and memories, Arturo transforms himself one last time from chrysalis to butterfly and he rises upwards to the sky among the clouds to another dimension.

SOLO has been conceived to appeal to a wide audience, of all ages and specially for famiiles, but even the most demanding – if they are willing to let their imagination run wild – won’t be disappointed.

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