flip banniere


Transit is about the life of a troupe; the ups and downs of touring, about friendship and the fun of being together and sharing experiences.

Transit is also about how life is changing and evolving, and how one of these days, the circus will be nothing more than a series of experiences that will have shaped us, and memories that will remain with us forever. So for tonight, we are behaving as if it’s our last show together. A new dynamism is released, the zest of the moment.

Tonight we are sharing this energy with you. When there is no tomorrow, we are no longer afraid; there’s no more uncertainties and misgivings! In a show, everything is possible! So we dare to dream; we plunge head first into the present, trusting everything to chance, everything, every single thing!!


“FLIP Fabrique is an up-and-coming star of the Quebec circus world.” – Vosgues Matin, Vosgues, 2018

“Fantastic hi-jinks from a merry troupe of artists.” – ÔToulouse, Toulouse, 2018

“With this stunning new offering, it’s a safe bet that the tour is far from over for FLIP Fabrique.” – Le Métro, Montréal, 2016

“A crowd-pleaser from the moment the curtain drops!” – Le Journal de Montréal, Montréal, 2016

“6 circus virtuosi from Quebec City: unforgettable.” – La Presse, Montréal, 2016

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