“Les Désaxés”, something like the “misfits” in English, with a SAX in it, as a nod in the direction od the instruments they play. First of all, this band of scatty musicians is an unquestionnably sax quartet virtuoso. Prompted by their passion for entertainment and challenges they also became actors, dancers, sounds effect engineers, quite in the same style as the Marx Brothers.

These artists travelled to every corners of the world, getting as much distinction as applauses for their performance.

The name “Les Désaxés” began to emerge in 1994. Since then, more than 2000 performances were given across the world. Multi awards winning, the quartet was given altogether the special prize by the jury, the SACEM Prize and the Public Prize at the Festival de l’humour in Saint Gervais (France). In Paris, they played at the mythical Olympia Music Hall. They also played at The Printemps de Bourges as well as The Paleo Festival in Nyons.


Artistic direction: Philippe Martz
Artists: Frederic Saumagne, Samuel Maingaud, Guy Rebreyend, Michel Oberli
Yllana Team: Marcos Ottone, Juan Ramos, Joe O’Curneen, Fidel Fernandèz, David Ottone
Interprets: Eduardo Ortega (violon), Jorge Fournadjiev (cello), Isaac M. Pulet (violon), Jorge Guillén (violon)

Duration: 1:30
Genre: Musical Humor
Nationality: France
Audience Suitability: 7 years old +

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