A big curtain, a chandelier with angels and a black piano … Strange shapes flutter behind the curtain, a hand appears then, a foot, a leg and the body. Then comes a lanky pianist, dressed in a tail and haggard. The musician tries to join his instrument but each of his attempts is prevented by an obstacle …

This is the story of a pianist who has the worst difficulties to perform his recital. Engaged in a perpetual struggle with objects (keyboard impossible to open, piano that loses one of his feet, smoke that escapes …), he tries to impose his art at all costs.

The Pianist, presented by Circo Aereo, revisits the ceremonial of the virtuoso. In the spirit of a Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton, the show is whimsical and fantastic and develops an arch-inventive score, a patchwork of crazy gags that immediately causes laughter.



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