In the beginning, there is the discovery of a 16th century manuscript, which compiles the miracles and different wonders that occurred during ancient times : passing comets, five-footed sheep, demons and marvels. Where has that magic gone ? The mystery of the cosmos, of nature and living things ?

In the past, magical thinking was substitued for shortcomings in knowledge.

Meaning was given to unexplained phenomena using fanciful interpretation and the elaboration of mythologies, populating the heavens with divine creatures and the earth with fearsome monsters. Fortunately, today we explain everything. In a rational manner. Yet we understand next to nothing. We have replaced magic with images. And in the end, this double reversal deprives us of imagination. When everything is shown, we no longer see anything. We wish to see nothing, because it is too ugly. Ugliness could eventually take over the world ! Where, then does magic hide ? Under the mask of the last agonizing god’s avatar ? To hell with beliefs from a former time, relayed by the enterprise of religion, and its procession of obscurantists !

Here’s to reason ! And science ! As well as technique ! For us the delights of immanence ! But we miss those magical worlds ! We want the beyond, transcendence, phantoms and unicorns !  We need miracles ! So then, Art is here. An attempt to re-enchant : that is the project. To tell the world as it is not. To narrate the story of modern legends. Reality : that which does not exist.


Scenic design, music and video conception: Karl Biscuit
Choreography: Marcia Barcellos
Costumes: Christian Burle
Scenography: Jean-Luc Tourné
Comedian: Florence Ricaud
Dancers: Daphné Mauger, Caroline Chaumont, Agalie Vandamme and Sara Pasquier

Duration: 1:15
Genre: Dance
Nationality: France


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